“The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but a values” William R. Inge

Today, thousands of students are produced as professionals, but the need of the hour is only few leaders with strong character imbibed with values to take this nation to the highest level. SCAD institutions were founded with a vision to develop the professionals, who have zeal for growth of the nation and burden for the under privileged. We aim to make these institutions to the World class standard. Our students have already established many records. Specially when we saw our students’ love for Tsunami affected brothers and sisters, our hearts were overwhelmed and gained hope that our students shall bring positive changes to the nation.

I am happy that you have chosen to be one among us.

You are welcome,


SCAD ITI mission is to develop resourceful lifelong learners with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to secure rewarding careers and satisfying lives in an increasingly technologically focused, globally interdependent, multicultural society.


SCAD ITI is an institution of higher education providing quality technical education for employment, workforce development, rural development and lifelong learning through partnerships with business, industry and the community, maintaining high quality for the Institution and its programs.


  • Quality education tapped from National and International resources.
  • Programmed evaluation of knowledge accumulated.
  • Modular approach to channalize knowledge.
  • Continuous review and renewal of quality system.
  • Producing Engineers with strong ethical and moral background.


  • One State rank per department.
  • 100% results in all departments.
  • Faculty efficiency aimed at 100%.
  • To submit two papers per department for an year.
  • Minimum one Industrial Visit per semester for every department.